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8 STEPS: How to Setup Zoom

Step #1: Navigate to

Step #2: Click on the button ‘Sign Up, It’s Free’

Step #3: Enter your email address into the text box, or, use your Google or Facebook account to sign in

Step #4: Follow the onscreen instructions which will either be directing you to an email or if you used Google / Facebook it’ll ask you to sign-in and verify your account

Step #5: When on the downloads page, select the version of Zoom designed for your specific device
If you’re using Windows or macOS select ‘Zoom Client for Meetings
If you’re using iOS or Android select the store that’s applicable

Step #6: Once installed sign-in to the app using the account you set up in Step #3

Step #7: To add me before our session click on the ‘contacts’ menu
Then click on the add button and select ‘Add a Contact’ from the drop-down menu.
Then in the popup enter my email address: and click ‘add’

Step #8: When it’s near your scheduled lesson time make sure that Zoom is open on your device and click ‘Accept’ when I call you, or, ‘Join’ if it’s a prescheduled meeting

In case the above methods don’t work you can also Join a Meeting using the custom meeting ID that I will send you