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Announcement Regarding COVID-19

We would like all of our clients and new students to know that we are still open and offering tutoring at this time. We are preparing to offer online tutoring for our students, and have started to do so already for students who must self-isolate. If schools close or more stricter isolation policies go in place, we will go 100% online for all of our students until such measures are lifted.

picture of hand being washed under faucet

For now, we are still giving one-on-one lessons to most students, so we want to promote good hygiene. We encourage everyone to use our restroom to wash your hands when you arrive (and as much as you like while you are here). We are keeping everything clean and wiping down surfaces, and we have temporarily removed some items from our waiting room to minimize the spread of germs, such as the games and remotes. Please practice the same recommended procedures as you have at school: social distancing, hand washing, don’t touch your face, etc.

As mentioned, we are rolling out online tutoring for students, starting with those who must self-isolate. So if you or someone in your family are feeling unwell, or if you’ve been advised by a doctor or the government to self-isolate, please let us know. We can provide tutoring at your usual day and time (or possibly a different time depending on our availability) online. We’ll email you instructions on how to get setup online.

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It’ll be important for us to continue tutoring as much as is possible during this time, as most of us rely primarily on this business for our livelihood. Online tutoring will become an ever-increasing important part of this. It will also be great for students to continue tutoring, when possible, in order to keep them engaged with learning, and to provide support for those who have to continue school online.

Please get in touch if you have any questions about our policies, procedures, or online tutoring!