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A passion for teaching
Lessons are taught by qualified guitar tutor Matthew Pex, who has over ten years of full-time music teaching experience. Refusing to take the “cookie cutter” approach to guitar instruction, Matt instead dedicates time and effort to customising and personalising goals and lesson plans to ensure each student achieves their individual ambitions and potential.

Tuition for everyone
We welcome and encourage students of all ages and levels of experience, from someone who’s never played an instrument before, to HSC students, to college grads and career musicians.

Whatever your skill level may be, Matt will tailor a lesson plan to suit your skill, learning style, musical tastes and interests.

Beginners will learn all the essentials:
Correct posture and technique
Left and right hand techniques
Picking, strumming and plucking
How to read tablature, music notation and chord boxes
Left and right hand control
String names and note names
Healthy practice habits from day one
How to play melodies, chords and complete pieces of music
Learn to play a song from lesson one

Intermediate students will learn to specialise their playing:
More complex songs
Advanced techniques such as bends, hammer-ons, pull-offs, slides, speed picking
Song writing and composition arrangements
Drills and exercises
Scales and how to use them correctly
Basic improvisation

Advanced students will learn how to hone their skills:
Very complex pieces and solos
Odd time signatures and polyrhythms
Highly advanced techniques such as sweep picking
Thorough breakdowns of practice schedules and cycles to speed up development
Complex and interesting scales and their implementation
Advanced improvisation
Several curricula covering soloing in different styles
Any technique or style the player wishes to focus on
And much, much more

Exam Students
Matt also specialises in preparing students for their HSC and AMEB studies and can tailor lessons to ensure students pass their exams. Most of his students have achieved high distinctions (A+) in their exams.

Unique teaching experience
Matt also has experience teaching students with learning disabilities including AD(H)D, Dyslexia and ASDs (Autism Spectrum Disorders) and has had only great results. In fact, research from many studies has shown that (learning) music has significant effects on children and adolescents with learning disabilities, especially autism.

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